After School Recording Program

Program pricing available through official inquery, email or phone call only. Pricing on the site is for individual clients. Thank you.

  • Students create radio quality music from your school
  • We bring everything to you
  • No need to bus students offsite
  • All promotion and registration items provided to you
  • Get email alerts when a student registers for the program
  • Participation in end-of-year award show

The 8ShotzMusik Studio Recording Program is an extracurricular program designed specifically to give students a unique hands-on experience in modern digital studio recording. A large number of our students have a profound interest in the music industry but lack the knowledge of what it takes to truly work in the this field. That is where we come in.

This program is designed to educate students on the culture of the professional studio environment. They will gain an understanding of the various roles and positions that play a key part in the music creation process. This experience will help them to become better professionals if they decide to pursue this as a career and the soft skills acquired will also aid them as professionals in other industries as well.

2017 Program Award Show - At James Bowen High School

    Additional Features

  • Students will have a tangible product at the end of the program.
  • Implementation is easy because we provide all material necessary to engage and recruit students.
  • Lesson plans help you follow what students will be learning every week.
  • Has worked with several CPS/Charter high schools and understands what stake holders want to see.
  • For more information on these benefits and more, click the Request Info link.

2017 Music Awards

Recap the program that brought Chicago Schools together

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